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Kodai Fukui

Kodai Fukui

Kodai FukuiAt present, his main activity is national and international concert tour with Ikuzo Yoshi. Performances at Shinjuku Koma Theater, and the following TV programs: NHK's widely watched end of the year popular music show(Kohaku Uta Gassen), Kayo Concert, and Futarino Big Show(annual performance by two popular singers). Recording of soundtrack of historical TV drama, Fuji TV (Kayoh Jidaigeki)
He has a lot of student in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Tochigi area, teaching Tsugaru Shamisen.
Performances with Wadaiko (Japanese Drums), Shakuhachi and Koto, maintaining tradition while experimenting with new styles. He's a talented young Tsugaru Shamisen player.

take a look at him playing (1.3MB movie clip)

1962: Born in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
1977: When he was in high school, influenced by his father, a shamisen musician, and began study under highly regarded shamisen master Tendai Fukui.
1980: After high school, he lived and study for 3 years with Tendai Fukui.
1987: In keeping with Japanese artistic tradition, Kodai Fukui recieved a performance name from his "Shisho" Tendai Fukui.
1988: Graduated from NHK Japanese Traditional Music School.
1989: Formed "Kodai-kai (Fukui Kodai Musical Association)" and gave his debut recital.
Joined concert tour with Ikuzo Yoshi, famous "Enka"(a popular genre akin to country or blues music) singer.
1990: Joined Hawaii concert tour with Ikuzo Yoshi.
1992: Joined USA concert tour with Ikuzo Yoshi.
1995: Joined world concert tour of Tsugaru Shamisen.
1997: Performed at NHK "Kohaku Uta Gassen"
1998: Ten-year Anniversary Recital, celebrating Kodai's career to date.
1999: Formed traditional music group "RYUJIN"
2001: Large solo recital " Three Resonating Strings"
Recorded opening theme music for historical TV drama, "Kayoh Jidaigeki", Fuji TV.
2002: The Kodai-Kai joined Ikuzo Yoshi "Furusato Concert"

Ceremony for student who has achieved "Master" status at Chinzanso, Meguro (June)
•Grand-Master: Kogetsu Fukui
•Master:Koho Fukui and Koju Fukui
Concert to celebrate 15years since the founding "Kodai-Kai" at Sogo Cultual Center in Edogawa-klu. ( August)