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Asakusa Oiwake ~ Japanese Traditional Folk Music Bistro

One of the famous "Yoshida Brothers" got his start here. My sister Tenyo Fukui, also a talented TsugaruShamisen player, she is the Waka-Okami (young proprieter) here. Good food and good music. This website only has a Japanese version.

Tsugaru Big-Happy

One of my students manages this website. This is a nice website for young people who are interested in Tsugaru Shamisen. Many people communicate through the message board. The website's name refers to my name, Kodai, the characters for which mean "big happy"

Yumi Imai's Website

She is a talented young Minyo singer and she's been coming to my Tsugaru Shamisen class since October 2001. She has made a big CD debut with the King Record Company. She created this website by herself and there's no English version.