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Ryujin Member Profiles

• Tsugaru Shamisen •••• Fukui Kodai

World-wide performances with Yoshi Ikuzo, performances at Shinjuku Koma Theater, and appearances on several TV programs. He has a lot of students in the Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Tochigi areas, teaching Tsugaru Shamisen. Maintaining tradition while experimenting with new styles, Kodai is a talented young Tsugaru Shamisen player.
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• Shakuhachi •••• Katouno Mamoru

Graduated from NHK Promotional School of Traditional Music Skills at the top of his class. Played as a soloist at the school's graduation concert. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Japan Foundation of International Cutural Exchange have sent Mamoru to Germany, Italy, and Australia and other countries to perform Shakuhachi. While pursuing the true original style of Shakuhachi playing, he has sought to expand the musical reach of Shakuhachi by adapting it to Mordern music, Jazz, and traditonal folk music. He is the exclusive Shakuhachi player for the singer Kaori Kasai, and he makes frequent appearances on TV and radio.

• Wadaiko •••• Sugawara Mituaki

Sugawara is the only Taiko drum player who travels all over Japan playing a specially made 1m65cm (about 5' 5") drum. In November of 1999, Sugawara played a series of concerts around Japan that was warmly received by audiences. His performance at Harumi Pier received prominent coverage by mass media outlets. He has backed Yoshi Ikuzo, a famous singer, in his various appearances in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. In addition to teaching many students, his warm performances reverberate with vigor and attract numerous fans.

• Koto •••• Maruta Miki

Graduated from Takasaki Art College at the top of her class. From 1990 she was a guest teacher at Wess-Allen University in the US for two years. She was chosen for an internship at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1994. Performances in 1995 at the 12th Interlink Festival. Apperances at the Tampere Music Festival in 1996. Joined Butch Morris's Conduction America Tour in 1998. She was invited to perform at the concert held by Korean Modern Music Association. She also performs modern music, records, and appears in improvisational performances.